Where can I buy SOLO products?

You can buy SOLO products from your SOLO dentist or please contact us.

Can you feel any differences to

Even after a short period of use, an improved, clean mouthfeel is achieved.

Does the SOLO prophylaxis still make sense if the teeth are already damaged?

It's never too late to start SOLO prophylaxis. Even if your teeth are already damaged, you can use SOLO prophylaxis to avoid further damage.

Do you have to be particularly skilled for SOLO prophylaxis?

SOLO prophylaxis is very easy and can be implemented by everyone. After a short period of acclimatization, SOLO prophylaxis is as easy as brushing your teeth with a conventional toothbrush.

Is SOLO prophylaxis expensive?

On the contrary: you save money in the long term, as expensive repairs are no longer necessary.

Is SOLO prophylaxis time-consuming?

With SOLO prophylaxis, you save time in the bathroom, because you can use the SOLO-STIX and the SWING wherever you want.

How do I learn SOLO prophylaxis?

SOLO prophylaxis is easy to use, but you still need the support of a certified SOLO dental practice for the first steps. If you want to know where you can find the nearest SOLO practice in your area, please contact us.