Do you know that?

You brush your teeth regularly, and you may even use dental floss. Even so, the dentist has to keep repairing your teeth, which is uncomfortable and keeps getting more expensive. It starts with fillings, crowns are made, teeth pulled, implants placed - and it ends with dentures.

The SOLO concept

SOLO removes the cause of dental illnesses, making repairs superfluous, and giving you lifelong healthy teeth.

If you want to keep your own teeth you should contact a SOLO dental practice. Here, in these dental practices, your desire for dental health is taken seriously. No matter how old you are or what repairs have already been done to your teeth, it’s always worth starting with SOLO to prevent new damage from occurring.


Conventional dental care does not eliminate the cause

A classic toothbrush cannot remove most of the bacteria because it cannot clean between the teeth or in the fissures. This can even result in cleaning defects (such as receding gums).

Dental floss is also often used for interdental care. However, due to the bulbous shape of an interdental space, it cannot completely clean it.

As a result, a classic toothbrush and dental floss remove only a fraction (approx. 1%) of the pathogenic bacteria and can even cause cleaning defects. So how can you clean your teeth gently but still thoroughly?

Is that how you clean your shoes?


Then why your teeth like that ??


The solution: SOLO

The SOLO-Prophylaxe® concept has found a gentle but efficient way to remove all bacteria: Each tooth is cleaned individually (solo). If there are no more pathogenic bacteria present, caries and periodontosis can no longer occur.




clean the interdental spaces.
The bacteria in the bulging interdental spaces can only be removed with interdental brushes of the correct size; the sizes that are right for you are measured in a SOLO-Prophylaxe® session.


cleans the gum line.
With the Swing® technique, the bacteria on the gum line can be removed without any cleaning defects. Proof of how gently a SWING cleans: existing hot-cold sensitivities disappear again.

Advantages of SOLO prophylaxis


Lifelong healthy teeth

By caring for your teeth according to the SOLO concept, you can have lifelong healthy teeth. Patients have been applying the SOLO prophylaxis® concept for 20 years now and they are still enthusiastic about it.


Freedom from pain

Applying SOLO prophylaxis does not hurt at all. It also prevents new damage to the teeth, resulting in fewer painful dental treatments.


Health beyond the teeth

Nowadays it is known that pathogenic bacteria in the mouth are also a risk factor for other physical diseases like diabetes, osteoporosis, and chronic illnesses of the respiratory tract. The risk for complications during pregnancy, like miscarriage, can be up to 11 times higher. By removing the bacteria in the mouth, you can significantly reduce the risk of contracting these conditions.


SOLO prophylaxis saves money

With SOLO prophylaxis, expensive repairs such as bridges, crowns, and fillings, are things of the past


No more fear of dental appointments

Unpleasant and painful treatments at the dentist’s are no longer necessary – no more drilling! Thanks to SOLO prophylaxis, your dental appointment is much more pleasant.


Undisturbed enjoyment

Sensitive teeth, that ruin your enjoyment of a serving of delicious ice cream or hot drink, can be regenerated, making the problem disappear.


SOLO prophylaxis saves time in the bathroom

After a SOLO session at your dentist’s, the concept is easy to apply at home or even on the go – so you save time in the bathroom.


Suitable for children

Empower your children to have healthy teeth for life, right from the start – with SOLO prophylaxis.


Scientifically proven

The effectiveness of the SOLO concept has been confirmed by the independent laboratory Lab4More in Munich under the direction of Dr. Med. Rasshofer.


The perfect products

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